Drew Overcash 

Composer - Orchestrator - Producer - Starbucks Enthusiast

BOYS VS. GIRLS is a brand new, pop/rock musical that kicks back to all your favorite 90's romantic comdies while looking at how boys and girls not only deal with each other, but deal with love, loss, sex and identiy.

"Katie and Adam Moretti could not be more different for a set of twins. Adam is the president of his class and all around popular guy, while Katie is a stay-at-home, bookworm who would rather go unnoticed then have anyone even mention her name. But when Katie starts tutoring Adam's best from Daniel, their worlds collide and relationships are tested. See who comes out on top, who's left behind and who finds their own way in a world where it's always Boys Vs. Girls."

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JOE, based on a true story, watches as one family holds on to each other in the most difficult of times. Struggling with the recent diagnosis of their oldest son's osteosarcoma, Kim and Ken begin to navigate through medical bills and chemotherapy while still balancing their other four childrens' lives. 
13 Miles is a brand new song cycle and love letter to New York City. Watch as four stranger live their lives and encounter love, God, whiskey, loss, online dating and more. Includes some of Drew's most popular tunes including: Collide, OkCupid and Here at the End of Forever.